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The VPS House Technology Group LLC has invested interest in acquiring companies, with the intent of carefully maintaining their operation in our company portfolio. We have acquired KiHaRa Studio and United Kingdom’s Digital Connection Design company, named KiHaRa Web Design LLC; and acquired Fly Data Recovery LLP, Star Work Legal Studio, Drop VM and Nobles Web Hosting. To discuss buyout opportunities, please contact George Brown at

Q: Will you sign a non-disclosure agreement (NDA)?

A: Yes, actually we strongly insist on a mutual NDA for the sake of everyones best interests.

Q: Does VPS House have interest in keeping current staff?

A: In most cases, yes.

Q: Does VPS House have interest in buying companies that are not providing hosted services or IP transit?

A: We are not currently interested in companies that don’t provide some type of hosting or Internet bandwidth to businesses.